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Slept Through the Night AGAIN!

Well, this has become REALLY easy! You put Carly in her crib at 7:15pm...she wakes up for a sip of water, maybe an hour later...and then she's down for the night until 7am!
Its unreal! She's the same with naps now. She's feeling great on her new allergy free diet and she can breathe! Yesterday we went to the allergist and I thought it would be good to see if I have any allergies because my best friend called to my attention that I really blow my nose a lot. I hadn't even thought of it, but she was right! I did blow my nose a lot. Weird. Tina said, "Yeah Krista, if ever you were lost we would be able to find you from all your snot rags..." So turns out I'm a 3 for DUST! TRIP OUT! Its not really a big deal...I don't really mind blowing my nose, but its nice to know why I'm doing it. He said I could take Claritin, but that stuff makes me feel funny...and then he gave me a sample nose spray, but he said if you use it too much you can get a nose bleed. NICE! So, no biggy...just thought it was interesting. Then we looked at Tina's allergy results. She has a TON! She's a 5 for dogs and she is SUCH a dog lover.
Yesterday, I made the mistake of telling my mom Tina and I want my best friend to raise Carly if we die. What WAS I THINKING! My mom went ballistic and we ended up in a fight. She freaked out, and of course called my sister and told her that I didn't think she would be good enough to raise Carly if I died...and why have I pulled away so much from the family and how could I be so hurtful taking Carly away from them. Then my sister called me in tears and told me she loved me and would do anything for me and Carly. Nice Mom! THANKS!!!

An hour later I had to go to my mom's for my nephew's birthday party. Fortunately, all seemed to be forgiven and forgotten and we had a good day. Everyone was excited to see Carly and we played in the water and the weather was beautiful. Then, turns out my step dad who's been sober three years longer than me, fell off the wagon and was drunk! He's going to get sober again, but it SUCKSSSSS, because he has to start all over again and do a ton of meetings and possibly go to rehab. I feel really bad for him. He's so fragile right now.
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