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I can't believe it! Carly fell asleep all by herself in her crib tonight!!! Let me start by saying I didn't breastfeed her all day. We went to a birthday party and a few times today Carly looked like she might want to breastfeed and I gave her a little snack instead, like a egg free, dairy free, wheat free pretzel (sounds terrible, but they aren't that bad and Carly can eat them.) Carly fell asleep on the way home in the car, so I didn't have to deal with the crib at nap. Then we took our daily swim and then we all went with the dogs for a walk on the boardwalk and had dinner. By eight o'clock I put Carly in her crib and she started crying, so I got in with her as I usually do and gave her the first breastfeed of the day. That did not put her to sleep. When she was done she stood up and started bouncing in the crib and climbing all over. She had that I'm so tired I'm a crazy baby. So, I said, "Okay, sweet heart its time for you to go to sleep now! I love you!" Her music was on, her belly full, she had her breast milk, she had her special star lights on, her blanket and her monkey and chick. The gate in the door was up, so I left the door open, so she wouldn't feel like I was abandoning her with a closed door...and I left! She immediately started crying. I went down stairs and told Tina we are going to wait ten minutes and at least she will be tired and take going to sleep seriously if I have to get back in her crib with her. So, literally, on the last minute she stopped crying and fell asleep! I was standing by her door the whole time, spying on her. I knew we were making progress because she wasn't standing up, she was crying sitting down. At one point she stood up, but then she sat back down! YEAH!!! She's been asleep ever since! HURRRAAAAY! THIS IS HUGE! She's NEVER gone to sleep by herself in her crib before!
Tomorrow, I'm going to try to make it through the day again without breastfeeding! That would be SO great if I could wean her during the day! If we stay really busy maybe she'll forget about it and hopefully I'll dry up! :) No, really...I wonder how long it will take? A week?
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