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Yesterday was awesome! We had our bike ride and delicious lunch. Carly explored all over and walked around her favorite fountain! We even had massages! Then we went to our friend's house for dinner and Carly got to play with baby JAY! But, the night ended when Carly tripped on the leg of a wooden chair with her head. Poor thing! She hit so hard and her forehead swelled up like an egg. Fortunately, I new right where J keeps her Boo boo Bear! Carly looks better today, but her forehead is still really swollen.

I just put her down for her nap in her crib with NO boob. She's WEANED! Its awesome! She cried for less than 15 seconds and then laid down. What a SWEETIE PIE! I can't BELIEVE she's being such a big girl! Last night she let out a sob a few times and I jumped up then waited...and she fell back to sleep. She did wake up about three other times like she usually does, but went down after a little breast milk. I wonder how long I should let her do the middle of the night feedings?

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