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No More Breastfeeding

What a week! Carly's WEANED and she sleeps in her CRIB! YEAAAAAAAAH! WE DID IT!!! Last night Tina helped me get up with Carly and soothe her without the breast. Who knows how long I would have continued feeding her through the night, but now they have to come to an end because I have to get a biopsy done in my left breast. I have a probable fibroadenoma or benign tumor. Its a little big so they want to make sure it is in fact a benign tumor. Its also new. I actually felt it about two months ago when I became engorged at school and had no pump. I figured it was probably a clogged duct and then I completely forgot about it! I just took some advil because I'm pretty sore from not breastfeeding last night. Tina and I are going to go on a bike ride this morning. Get the weekend started off with a bang! :)
Carly's new favorite words:
EMMMM (when its delicious)
OH! (Pointing finger! Showing me something!)
ALL DONE! (When she's finished eating!)
ROXY! (Our little black dog)
What's THIS!
Mumma!(Referring to me and Tina!)
Moo! (The sound a cow makes!)
PS. Last night Carly woke up two times completely cross ways in her crib. Her face was pushed up against the bars. It really scared her. Maybe its too dark in her room.
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