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My Big Fat Happy Family !

Big families are not for everyone.   But they are DEFINITELY for me.  
OH MY HELL the fighting and the noise levels in my house 24-7.   I am certain it can be heard from the local IFA just up the street.  (read with a country cowboy dialect....for no other reason than I like to talk with one)

BUT OH MY GOOTNESS....the love.

In my house, there is always someone to play with.    A playmate.   There's always someone to hold the other end of the rope.   and usually someone to jump.    or someone to tie up and drag.
There is always at least 1 mom, sometimes 2 dads and a couple of babies or dogs (depending on if when they crawl they cry or bark) to play house with.
You have a buddy to sit with on the rides at the amusement parks.   Someone to push you on the swing.  Someone to cheer you on and someone to laugh at you when you make funny faces.
If you want to stay up and be silly when it's time to go to bed, you have a partner in crime.
If you make someone cry, drop, spill or break always have someone to blame it on.
You can play pretty much any board game as you will have plenty of other players.
Pick a sport, when sports become a factor, we will have us a full team with subs.

It really sunk in on our last trip to California just how much fun we have together as a family.   It's been so hard the last couple of years that as the kids are getting older, I can now stop and smell the roses.
They play so great with each other.    I feel completely blessed to have them.   (babies still suck ass.  for at least another 8 months or so :)  Blessed to have ALL of them.  and I wouldn't have it any other way.   Well, I mean if I had my choice I'd have them all within 8 years instead of 4 :)  spread that shit out. but no really.  I am so in love with my family that I thought I'd share.

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