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Carly only woke up ONCE after putting her to bed at 7:15pm! She let out a cry here and there, but never woke up! I dressed her in long sleeves, maybe that was the correct temperature... Too cool. I stopped breast feeding completely Friday and I am so swollen. l look like Pamela Anderson. Sort of. :) When are these puppies going to dry up? I figured it would take 5 days tops. I've been taking Advil and last night I put a bag of peas on one side and corn on the other. Mostly its sore under my arms. Carly ate like a champ this morning. She almost had a full egg free dairy free gluten free (wheat free) waffle!
This morning I made an appointment with the breast surgeon. I couldn't get an appointment until the 12th of August, but I guess she will look at my ultrasound and biopsy,which is something else I have to schedule. I think that's how its going to go, I'm waiting for my doctor to call me back because she has my prescription for the biopsy. Maybe after having the biopsy that's all I'll need to do and I wont even need to see the breast surgeon. Not sure. I'm anxious to get all this over with and hear good news that its fine.
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