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Timberfest Wknd

Wow! What a fun week we had at Eastern Deaf Timberfest! We camped for a week. We played some activities. Kids had so much fun. They participated a lot of children activities. Will add more pictures when I get pictures from my friends. They went and learned to do some mimes. On the last night of Timberfest, kids had the chance to show their mime. To our surprise, Kyron went in and gave out the mime. He was doing Train (waving out the window). Mikaela did an outstanding and loves to give out the shows. She was doing Amish riding carriage.

Kyron was playing - jumping over the logs.
Snack time...

Participated Axes throwing... Hollie almost made in the final 5 (she has do sudden death with her friend. :o( - it was close game).
I came in first. (after 14 years of doing axes throwing at World Deaf Timberfest at Oregon - 1st place as it was my first experience). Hope to play again in two years!

We also played horseshoes. My friend K who never played double horseshoes tourney, so we decided to go for fun and we ended up 3rd place!! Whew! What a hot day!!! WE lost first game and we have a long way to go.... (double elimination) and we made it to 3rd place. Hollie also played with her friend who never played horseshoes. What a fun day!
Hollie did participated chainsaw competition - Class A related to timing, she did a great job but didn't make to the final! Next time!!!

We camped at Spring Gulch in Pa. Beautiful place. Amish community. Mikaela learned so much about their cultures (Amish and Mennonites). She played and doing art crafts with Mennonites children.

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