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This moment Friday

Today's moment has nothing to do with wordless posts and a picture.
It's just a happy moment that happened this week that I'd like to share with you.

My loving wife, who has been outnumbered by 5 of us, officially and legally changed her last name to ours.

It's weird you know.   A lot of people assumed that I'd be the one to change my name to hers.   You know.  because she's my husband.   After all, we are typical role players over here.
It kind of started out that way and then I was just too scared of my parents.   and then I had Syd and didn't want the uncomfortable silence and weirdness that came with having Syd's last name be J's.    (I know, I'm embarrassed that I  brought a child into a situation that I wasn't 100% secure in)
At that point it was silly to give the next 4 different last names and J was already the little did it.

Our reasons for doing it right now aren't what you'd expect them to be.     Legally it does no more for J now than it did 2 days ago.  
But Syd has been writing her full name and the families full name for sometime now and she has been a little hung up on the whole J's last name our last name thing.    She's even hyphenated it (sort of) by writing first J's last name and then adding ours.   but she knows they are different.   She knows that our last names aren't the same.
We didn't want there to be any more added confusion to our family.    We are a family and thought this might help the kids feel a little more secure in that.   

I told my mom.    I told her that she was changing it because friends of ours have had problems when flying and with passports etc.    Not a lie.   but not neccessarily why we changed it.    She didn't say a thing.   not the uncomfortable silence, but not the congratulations we would like either.  :)

Thanks J for going against the grain.   :)  
For not considering this a win for me....but a win for all of us.
Thanks for not hitting me when I said, ugh, you "insert our name" last night because you wouldn't comply and turn off the TV.   :)   even though by saying that it only insinuates that I'm an asshole too :)  

Today Ryan has broken 2 of my kitchen plates (I was making his bed at the time)  spilled cereal and milk all over my kitchen table (the end of his bowl was tipped over and then spread with his hands) he pulled everything off of my dresser in my room (I was packing Syd's backpack for school at the time) pulled diapers and toilet paper out of the pantry in the garage and was throwing it all over (caught him in the act) made a mess with the dogs water (I was smart and had the dog food put up when I locked all of the pantry doors so that he couldn't continue waging war in the garage)   and someone peed in my heater vent in my room.....the smell gave it away as the heat kicked on this morning.    I'm not pointing fingers. it could have been either one of them....but as Ryan is 0 for 10 so far...I'm blaming him.
I haven't raised my voice, I've tried to give him lots of positive attention.....but his demand for constant supervision and love and nurturing is damn near impossible with 4 other children.   mother friggity frack.


Happy to share my last name with you babe !
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