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I took Carly to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon and she tested positive for Strep. I figured it would take about 24 hours for the antibiotics to start to work and she would start to feel better, but that hasn't been the case. This morning, 36 hours after getting on antibiotics her fever was 103.2, which was higher than ever. She's been in and out of hysterics all day. Tina and I thought it would be a good idea to go for a ride because Carly loves her chair and her dvd player with Tangled...and that was great. She even drifted off to sleep. Tina and I both thought it would cheer her up if we got her a prize at Toys Are Us, so we got there and Tina waited in the car with Carly who was still sleeping. Finally I got out of the store and came out with all these amazing finds! I couldn't wait to show Carly who was just waking up. Tina ran back in because I wanted her to see the houses and picnic COOl. I made the mistake of letting Carly get out of her seat. She wanted to go INSIDE the store. We couldn't allow that, because she's highly contagious...and she just didn't understand. I took her for a walk and she was totally fine, but when it came time to get back in the car seat Carly got hysterical again. It literally took both of us to get her back into her seat. She was SO mad at us and she let us know it... She continued to cry when we got home about everything and I tried to feed her but she wouldn't eat. Then I put her down to sleep and she cried at the top of her lungs. After ten minutes, I brought her back downstairs to try eating again, but she only chewed her food and spit it out. I think her throat is hurting really bad today. I think she's in pain. It sucks. So, she ended up not swallowing any of her food and I took her back to bed and after another dose of IBPROFI.N she finally fell asleep... Tina and I are wondering if she is getting worst! This S-U-C-K-S!
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