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Camping at the Zions Ponderosa Ranch just outside of Zions national park !

We were able to get a 1/2 price pre season deal at this Ranch here in Utah.
It was amazing.    It snowed 2 days, rained the other 2. (thus the 1/2 off I imagine) but if the weather would have been georgeous.  it would have ROCKED.
looking for a silver lining here people.
We went with some great friends.   There was so much to do and we all took advantage of it even with the cold weather.   Great friends and lots to do = great time no matter the weather. 
Here are some pictures.    First off.   The Barn.  

The indoor rockwall at the barn.  it was a little too cold to do the outdoor one.


yes, even me.  

Next up.....the zipline.
Is this not the CUTEST picture EVER-R-R-R !!

who would send a 2 year old down a zipline you ask ?
You look at this face and say no.  :)  
He was soooo excited,  met the weight requirement and after opening the gate would smile and jump.
He went on it 4 times. 

J in her strap on gear :)

Look at how much fun he was having.   I love his face here.

Syd, leaping off.   No fear.

I loved this picure of Syd.

Go J !!

Cool Cam

The girls helping carry Nate's gear.   It was too heavy and long for him.   Such great friends.

Kids camp.   It wasn't open yet.  It didn't open until the season started....but they let us play in here anyway.   Especially with the weather being so crappy.  Normally they have this whole kids program that you can pay to put your kids in.   That way the parents can go off on the ATV rides, jeep excursions or horseback riding etc.  alone.   without kids.  great idea right.   It was SOOOOO nice to have a place to just hang out with the kids.   Even the adults played a little hackey.   
We're all older.  some of us bigger.  but we still kicked it :)
(thanks Kor for letting me borrow this pic)

another kids camp pic

pool, ping pong and foosball tables downstairs
and yes.   I took this picture because my wife has a habit of tuning out.
bleepity bleep stupid iphone.

the pool.   there are 2 pools a kiddie pool and 2 hot tubs.

remember it was 55 degrees.  J offered anyone 5 bucks to jump in the pool.
Syd and her bff Imani JUMPED out of the hot tub and ran to the pool.   They both dipped their toes and chickened out.    As they were discussing their next move.....the little sister calmly got out of the hot tub.   Walked over to the pool and without even a word jumped in.   Love you Nia.
The big girls couldn't be out done.   So J is now 15.00 poorer.

A goat from the petting zoo.   This guy walked over the second I took my camera out.  Stuck his face up to the gate and smiled.    :)  I shit you not.

The stables

Syd on Pebbles

Me on Pepsi





We destroyed these carts.   They were clean before we got on them :)

Our cabin #1 for 4 days

A picture of the ranch from the road
 I can't say enough good about this place.    Honestly....if the weather were'd never want to leave.  There is miniature golf right in front of the can't see it really in this picture.  horseshoes.  big campfire pits.   aaaah.   I want to go back.  
This.   This is what I call camping.
A little something for everyone.

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