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What is my Problem!

First I lost my Sea World pass! Then I LOST the keys to the car! After totally searching everything...and going to lost and found...I made calls..I got upset... a friend was on his way with our spare keys..and when he was 20 minutes away I put on my jacket and my keys were in my SLEEVE!!! I have the keys on a wrist bracelet.
Then I got home and FOUND my missing pass! What the heck! Am I losing my mind?
Carly and I had a great time in between all my panicking. She GIGGLED on the cups. It was so funny. I spun us really fast and she thought it was great!
She's such a sweet little girl. She's SPEAKING up a storm. She has just exploded. She can repeat anything...and she can tell you want she wants most of the time which is really nice.
ALSO, a week from Saturday was her last bottle! She keeps asking for it, but we just say we don't have bottles anymore. She wants to hold her milk in her sippy cup, but she won't drink it. She says "WATER"...she likes water now. She also recently started asking for juice too, which is funny cause she's had it like twice. I actually gave her some watered down apple juice today because I wanted to give her a treat after all the hell I put her though in my panic to find the keys and get our spare keys brought to us.
Its a TRIP how little she pees now that she's not having bottles. She drinks a lot of water too, but we're talking like 3 pee diapers all day, to her usual diaper every 15 minutes before. It was insane. I hope she's going enough now.
She actually just got over ANOTHER ear infection which is why she's going in for her ear tubes Wednesday. She's had like 9 ear infections...and then she got a cold again. Its NEVER ENDING. She's actually had a cough for the past few days and she just woke up crying..and she felt hot to me. Her cheeks are even red. She had sunscreen on today, so I don't think its a sunburn. Her temp came to 98.6, which means her temp is up from her normal 96 under the arm check. I gave her Tylenol. I hope she's going to be okay. Poor thing. She's constantly sick!
I've been the WORST Blogger...We've been SO busy. Our neighbor's toilet broke or something and we got flooded with water through our walls in our garage/kitchen/ we had to get new dry wall and paint. The painting part ended up being cool, because we were so sick of our color. We got pigeon gray which is so soothing and beautiful. There's more contrast for our white couch to pop too. We're SO happy with it. I'll attach a before and after when i get a chance. We couldn't be happy with the results. We'll have to hire painters to come do our bedrooms and bathrooms too in the near future, but what a hassle its going to be to move all our stuff.
Other news, Tina traded in her Mini for a Toyota Highlander! Its SO AWESOME! It has two pop up seats that fold down. Its a 4 cylinder with more power than the older 4 cylinders! Its SO nice to drive. I already took GSA on an event and was able to pack 7 of us!
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