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Soccer Player!

I think Carly is going to like sports! I really want to encourage her to stay active and get involved in team sports at an early age. I would have loved that growing up!
Carly's ear tube operation went really well. We had to be at the hospital at 7am. She had a little apple juice before 6am but nothing else after dinner at around she was HUNGRY! She kept saying,"EAT! EAT!" Her procedure wasn't until 9am so Tina and I did everything we could to entertain her and keep her mind of food. Bless her sweet heart! She has QUITE the appetite since she quit the bottle.
This week has gone by so quickly as I knew it would. Carly and I had so much fun together. We went to Legoland and Sea World and to the park... We would have done even more if it hadn't been for the rain. I am hoping that Tina will have the chance to take her to Legoland today by herself. It is such a fun bonding experience. Its so sweet to see Carly's face light up! Carly's favorite ride is the planes. She gets to sit in the front all by herself and she just absolutely loves how it spins around.
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