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My dad taught me !

After rolling into the house from NY at 2 am.  Yes, our flight didn't get in until just after midnight.   We were asking our babysitter how the kids did.     She said that everyone was well behaved and did really good the whole time.
One of the funny stories she told us was a conversation with Spencer.    One all too familiar at our house lately.

Spencer dribbling his basketball, "My dad taught me how to dribble."
Kristina, "oh really.   What's your dad's name ?"
Spencer, "Mommy J."

As I was capturing Spencer dribbling in all of his magnificence (still calling him Jimmer) I was able to catch Nathan making a "bad choice" in the kitchen.    I thought that I'd share.   Now, I was laughing and I don't know why....because I'm usually much better at not laughing at this kind of behavior whether it strikes me as funny or not. 
My bad.  Something I'll regret doing I'm sure.

The kid can spit, no ?
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