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I *heart* NY

I wish I could put some in a bottle and just drink it occassionally to get that wonderful high of it all.
We had such an awesome weekend.  
I love getting to spend time with my wife.  alone.  
I don't have to share her attention with anyone.  She's all my-eeen.
I also didn't have to share her with angry birds (cheesey smile) mmmm.

I have friends in low places and high places and NY places.   And how nice is that !   
We were able to stay in our friends apartment right off of time square.  a mere street from broadway.  right in the heart of it all.    (and at a fraction of the price.  that price being FREE)
I am not going to divulge the name of this fantastic and generous friend....because....well...I'm selfish and I'm keeping her all to myself.   Plus I don't want to plan my next trip to the city that never sleeps around a bunch of y'all.  :)
but I will say (she sometimes reads here) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU girls.  As much as I like my NY connections, we really just wished that you lived closer.   Like a mere street away ;-)

In summary
NY, rocks
First class, rocks
Rock of ages....ROCKS !  (more later)
Great friends, rock
Good times, rock
Location location location, rocks
Adult time, rocks
(let's just sit and let that last one soak in for a minute, aaaah)
Naps, rock
Gaining 5 lbs because of all of the yummy NY bagels, pasta and bread that I ate.  oh plus adult beverages that don't come with such a low calorie count.  doesn't rock.  but that's pretty much the only thing that doesn't.

I didn't get your messages about Century 21 until it was too late.  damn it.
Next time I'll have to plan it better and make time for more friends. ;-)

Now....I have to go play playdough with my 4 favorite little men.   who I didn't let myself miss too much on my trip but now that I'm here missed them TONS.
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