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..home sweet home...

...home sweet home...

What do those words mean to you?
I consider myself a homebody...not because I'm not a social personality but I like to just relax since during the work week things are so busy.

I have a little altered project for you...the cork base is actually a coaster.

For those of you that have been following me for know that I didn't really play with lavenders/purples until last November when I did my "self-challenge"...

Well, since then I have dabbled more into that color family and certainly love it teamed up with green....that's where the Lily Bee Picket Fence line comes into play.  Did you know that it was designed by Julia Stainton?  I'm a HUGE fan of her work...

I couldn't help but pick up the Lily Bee Picket Fence 6x6'er at Ellen's!  All the paper is from the Picket Fence line...I used my Stampin' Up Butterfly that thing!  Can you see the Kaisercraft pearls along the roof line?  The alpha is Making Memories, the button is Foof-a-la!  You know I had to add a smidge of stitching...zig zagging:)

The wonderfully talented Valerie of paper & cookies passed along the Stylish blogger Award to me!  Valerie has such a style about her that I absolutely a-dore....classic elegance with POW....Here's the rules - I have to tell you 8 random things about me then pass it on to 8 of my fav bloggers. 

Here goes:

1.  These have been my fav shoes lately....I have the kids version:)  Black the stuff...comfy and it gives me almost an extra 2 inches of height:)

2.  My colloquialisms....both written {obviously} and speech.  I definitely have my Amy lingo...

3.  Barefootism...I typically walk around the house barefoot...gotta love a good pedi...lately I've been diggin' blue toes:)

4.  Next to blogging/blurfing...I could spend hours on Pinterest.

5.  Growing up I wasn't a huge fan of an adult I've discovered my love of beets!

6.  I'm the youngest of 3...I have 2 older brothers...being the youngest and the only girl is times I regret not having a sister but that's what you all are to me:)

7.  I'm a huge fan of inspirational them...can't get enough of them.  I've been a supporter of things happen for a reason, you might not realize that when you're going through it...people come and go in your life for a reason...take the good out of the bad...

8.  This has been my drink of choice lately...other than good old fashion water...

Whew...that was actually difficult because I tried really hard to not list any crafty oriented tidbits.  Here's another difficult part...picking peeps....I'm sooo very thankful that I have a ton of bloggie friends...and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings...that makes it super hard to pick because I think that you are all Stylish!  So here you go:

Karen B
Cheryl Nelson
Sylvia Nelson

A ton of different styles and all of them sue-pah sweet:)

Check it OUT:

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