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We had to cancel playgroup today because Carly has a NASTY cold and cough. It sucks. She had a few really nice weeks there…She definitely caught it from day care. This little girl had the cough just like the one Carly has. We’ve been very busy around here. Tina has been trying to clear out our whole garage so it can be painted..and we’ve been painting all our walls trying to find the perfect paint to paint. Its not easy. We’ve gone through about twelve samples. I hope we find a color we like soon. Its SO HARD to choose. We don’t want it to be too dark, but we need some contrast with the couches…then you have to choose a color that matches the flooring, cabinets and blinds. Not so easy. We LOVED the color SAGE, but it clashes with our flooring...and takes on a blue look. Now, we're looking at beige...which feels REALLY boring, but safe. We'll see. I'll try some more tomorrow.
I made a website for the warhols we've been doing. I'm hoping we will start to get some orders. We finally finished all the ones for the administration. Well, almost. We have to stretch the last two to the frames that my step dad made. I will take pictures tomorrow.
Here's some pictures of Carly in the tutu my mom gave her for Christmas. They are pretty cute. She's becoming SUCH A BIG GIRL...its so fun.
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