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This is a looong one!!!

Creating, it is on my list to do but somehow I just can't find a way to get started!!! The weather is soooo great overhere that I try to spend as much time as possible outside (overhere you never know how long it will last, so you take what you can get) I did a lot of work in the garden, that really needed to be done, that took me quite some time since gardening is'nt really my fave thing to do. But looking at nice flowers and fresh grass makes sitting outside a lot more fun, doesn't it!! I took my first spinningclass and I really loved it, I took Sjors to the vet to get rit of an earinfection , I had a schoolmeeting and a lot of washing and ironing to do!!! Hopefully I will find some time this weekend!!!

Speaking of this weekend. tomorrow Finn is pupil of the week at his soccerclub!!!
That means he can sit with the coach of the first team of the seniors and he takes the kickoff with one of the players!!! He is so excited about it and of course we will go and watch the game!!!

I also wanted to share this with you!!!
Michelle B aks everybody to post a Happy Friday top 10 list every week, just 10 things that makes you happy on a Friday!!! And she wants you to show the fave thing you created that week, can be anything you loved to make!!! I love this idea so I am playing along as much as I can!!
So here is my first Happy List:

1. Sitting in the sun enjoying the kids play outside.
2. The cupcakes in the fridge waiting to be eaten.
3. Finn's soccermatches.
4. Rick comming home from school, full with stories and smelling like outside (he has to go by bike)
5. Springflowers.
6. Drying the wash outside.
7. Watching Holland play tonight.
8. The new Flow (magazine) waiting for me to be read.
9. Walking Sjors.
10. The unbelievable funny joke Rick just told me (can't share it online)
Nothing creative to share this week, but will do better next week!!!

And some more pics of Madrid
Me at Plaza Mayor, such a great place to spend the afternoon in the sun with a glass of wine!!

The Metropolisbuilding, so beautiful!!

The Cathedral next to the Royal Palace, unfortunaly it was closed due to maintenance.

And finally I do have a lo to share, this one is for the endless challenge over at the Scrapheap!!
Only use black and white!!!

So that's it for today, I am going to take Sjors for a walk and drink a cup of tea outside, tonight I will be back and visit you!!
Enjoy your day!!!

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