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Take that one down Tuesday.

Cameron was playing at the playground last week.
OK FUCK, he was playing at the indoor McDonald's land playground !  GAW, I hate that you just have to know the little details.   Fine.  are we all clear now.   I let my kids eat that nasty ass processed chicken and french fries.  
So any ways.....Cam was playing in the play area with another little boy.  Jan took them.
JAN took them.  See.  I NEVER would have taken them there.   In fact, I get really shitty when she wants to take them to those fast food joints.   ask anybody that knows me.  except for you.  anybody else.  ask them.
That being said.
Jan over heard Cameron tell the little boy as he gestured over at her, "That's my mommy J...she's my dad." After a kind of shortish long stare and accepting head nod they were off.

He's a little confused.   It must be all of that pressed meat he eats. ;-)

pictured above.   2 of my favorite people.  
J got home tonight just in time to help with bedtime.   
Syd was reading to me when Nathan started crying from his bed.
J lost one of her shoes running so fast to the bathroom with him in her arms.   Needless to say, not one drop of throw up got on all of my newly laundered bedding. :)  In fact....not a drop got on the floor or even his jammies.
I'm so glad she's home. (sigh)
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