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Step Mother

Mikaela came home from school. She shared with me what had happened at the school. Her peers asked her if she has dad. She said - No dad. Peers asked - Where dad goes? She kept saying - I don't have dad. All I have is two moms and a brother. Peers said - oh you have two moms. You mean you have mom and step mom. Mikaela said - no step mom, both are my moms. Peers looked confused.

Hollie and I had our discussion on that topic. We decided to talk with her about "two moms". We asked her if she knows how she gets here. She smiled and smirked - Yes, mommy. I asked how? She said your egg and someone special's sperm and put it together and have me. I asked - what does mama? She said - she's my other mom. (We weren't sure if she still think mama is her birth mother, in past, she thinks two eggs into one egg and have sperm in and make babies (wish it could happen:( ). We wanted to make sure she understands of what's happening...
Is mama a step mother? She looked a little upset - MAMA is not STEP MOTHER! We asked her what is Step mother means? She replied - step mother is a person who came in later life - not at the beginning or before the baby born. Also, She said I do not like the word -Step Mother!
(I heard that Mikaea!!)
I realized something... almost all movies about step mothers are bad!! She said step mother is not friendly. We told her that our grandma JoAnn. She is step mother to Hollie. Mikaela was like - oh umm.. She is sweet and nice but I don't call her step grandma. We smiled - that's right we don't.

We told her that you will always call mama no matter what!! We wanted you to know step mother is not bad! It may sounds negative but it is not. Mikaela said - I just want to say two moms as its fact that Mama was with me much before I was born. Point taken!
Mikaela looks happier afterward... We wouldn't be surprise if we will face it again as we have other child to come (K).... :oP
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