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Spencer says !

We went to an unbirthday Alice in wonderland party at the Treehouse museum.    It was lots of fun.
Towards the end we went in to have a tea party with the Mad Hatter and March Hare.   We enjoyed eclairs cookies and tea (lemonade) They had some heart shaped chocolate candy's decorating the center of each table.
Spencer grabbed one and asked me if they were real.    Thinking that he meant can we eat them or are they decoration, I responded, yes honey...they're real and you can eat them.
He opened his chocolate and with this serious and yet curious look on his face, he turned to me and said, "mom, is this going to make me big ?"   aaaah, Alice in Wonderland, I get it. 
I still laugh when I think about it.  

We were at TJm.axx looking for new bedding for the big boys new rooms a while ago.     As we were making our way to the back we passed the displays for blinged out purses, all of the 9 inch heeled shoes, jewelry..etc.   Spencer and Cam kind of wandered through it while I kept walking.   They caught up to me and I asked Spencer what he was looking at. 
his reply, all casual and cool : "oh, just some rockstar stuff"
ooooh, I just LOVE you Spence.

Spencer raised his hand to be in a play at the children's museum I mentioned a while back.
I was so proud of him.   I couldn't believe he had the courage to do it.   It was on a Saturday and the place was PACKED.
He was picked as the Rabbi.    It was a play called, "Too much noise"  or something like that translated to the English version.    A man, his wife and mother in law, 2 children 1 baby and a bunch of animals.
Synopsis :   Man tries to take a nap, his wife and mother keep saying yadda yadda yadda his children (one of which was Syd) chatter, chatter, chatter, the baby cries and cries.   So he goes to the Rabbi for advice.   The rabbi (Spencer) keeps telling him to bring in more and more animals...which of course makes more and more noise.   One of those animals was Cam, who also raised his hand (gasp, I know huh )....he was a swan :)   I'm not sure what kind of noise a swan makes exactly. ha ha
Any ways.   Spencers part had a lot of lines and he did SO SO GOOD !   He looked amish in the hat and jacket :) ha ha  and at one point the drama teacher/narrator said, "and the Rabbi laughed"  and Spencer threw his head back and laughed so cute that everyone in the audience busted up.   He did such a great job.

Spencer you are 4 1/2 yrs old.   You love love love to watch/help/get involved.  You are the kid who follows me or your mommy J around and wants to be in the action.   You are so sweet and will even say...."I'll just sit here mom...I won't touch anything"   ooooh, I just want to kiss you.
If I ever need anything I can ask you and you'll run and get it for me.  Whether it's a loaf of bread or milk from the basement freezer or wet wipes from the babies room.  
I can always count on you to help me clean up too.   Even if it's picking up the toys and not just spraying the furniture're the most likely to get down and dirty.

The anger that you had for a while.   The mad.  The frustration.   It's almost all but a thing of the past now.
You are much better about verbalizing what it is that is pissing you off and will also work things out.  Sometimes you like to do things by yourself and will get frustrated when it's not going as planned.  You eventually figure it out or will ask for help.

You are also turning into the teaser.   I don't like this new characteristic if you didn't know already.   You will copy Cameron like an obnoxious parrot until he's ready to pummel you.   You tease whoever is goes something like....they are sad so you run past them back and forth shouting some made up word or noise....just to bug them.   You yell in the ears of the babies, just because you think it's funny.   It's not.
You know, all of the typical brother stuff. :)

You cuddle up with me and will softly stroke my face.   Such a sweet kid.   You are also good at talking me down from the ledge you guys have chased me to.  :)

I can't imagine loving you more Spence.  You are so friendly, kind and sensitive.   Your sweet sweet smile steals my heart.
Rabbi Spencer !

Spencer singing on stage with the Caterpillar.   I do believe I have 2 kids that thoroughly enjoy theater and being on stage.
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