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Some older paintings and another cat

While I was visiting my son last week, I took photographs of some of the my paintings that I have given to him. These paintings were painted several years ago.
How funny it is that I did such abstracts early on, then got heavily into realism, and now I am beginning to move back to softer, less defined pieces.
This painting was done because my son asked me to paint a Colorado scene (we lived in Colorado until he was 11). I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but somehow it came out pretty well. Most people who see this from across the room in his living room think that it is a photograph.

AND NOW - to introduce you to my second favorite cat RAVEN.
 Raven selected my son for his caregiver/servant/worshipper/whatever. Raven is super gregarious and a real lap cat. He allows my son to pick him up and snuggle. You should hear him "talk". I thought Hana was vocal but Raven literally carries on conversations with you - he doesn't meow; he makes funny little "unh, unh" sounds, like little squeaks.

So I am off to paint
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