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Not This Moment Friday

{not this moment} - Hopefully not to be a Friday ritual. A couple of photos - with words - capturing a moment from the week. In a second, an instance, this moment happened. A moment I want to pause, rewind and forget.

Yesterday Spencer got some scissors from the kitchen and disappeared downstairs unnoticed.   I saw him coming up the stairs and quickly realized what he had done.    Relieved that is wasn't as bad as I knew it could be,  I took the scissors and gave a now repeated lecture about how scissors are for mom authorized paper only.    
Only later when I was trying to get everyone ready for Syd's birthday party did I realize what he had done to his brother.   Much worse.  but still, not as bad as I could have imagined it.   Thank GOODNESS Sydney has never done this.

Where ?  where is there hair gone mom ?  I can't see it.

Seriously buddy.  You let your brother cut your hair.   What were you thinking ?
The bandaid is not from the haircut :)

Needless to say he is now buzzed all over. 
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