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Lucky Number 7 !

There's luck all over this day.
My baby is 7.   
ope.  there I go.  the water works.
WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME ?! (rhetorical)
I'm FINE.   I'm fine that you are a year older and that your tantrums are turning into attitude and that your ears are pierced and that your permanant teeth are coming in and it's making your fa-hay-hace look older.  I'm fi-hi-hine with that.  aaaaaah haaaaaa haaa.

Ok, so I'm a blubbering mess and I didn't expect it and so I forbid you to turn 7 !
That's it, it's been forbidden !  You are 6 !

What will I do if you keep growing up Syd ?  
I love you honey.   Happy Birthday.
Love mom,

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