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A letter to my wife.

Dear J,
Was your drive a safe and quiet one ?   Did you go to dinner ?   What did you eat ?
Is the hotel nice ?  Are the beds comfortable and clean ?

Things here are ok.   I got the babies to sleep at 6:30 pm.  I know huh.  and the big kids down at 7:12 pm.   I was getting ice, talking to a friend on the phone when I heard Nathan start to cry.   I knew immediately what was happening and hung up while I ran and opened the door to their room.  The smell was the first confirmation.   
He never sat up so the throw up pretty much went straight up and came right back down.  splat.  all over his face, head  and neck each time.   Glad he didn't choke on it. 
I carefully undressed him and put him in the tub...he was so sad.   
After I wrapped him in his towel I laid him on our bed and went to clean up his bed.

The big kids all got up to see what happened.   Each one requested to see the throw up and then gagged and almost threw up.
Nathan slept while I dressed him and is back in his make shift bed.  poor thing.  (good thing I didn't make it to the laundromat today)
The big kids are all downstairs in the playroom.  um, playing.  Syd said she'd read them a book.  they don't sound very tired right now.

The house least it's not on the carpet.  you know, cuz we're out of carpet cleaner.  
Wish you were here.  
Wish I didn't have to do this myself.
I'll probably only be able to stay awake for 10 minutes or so tonight thinking about what you can do to make up for this.    I know, I was a funeral.  you didn't have a choice.  but still.  maybe just a little something nice.  aye ? a back rub.  YES.  a back rub....that's what you can do for me to make up for having to clean up diarrhea and puke and sick kids...with no break.   And for being gone leaving me no one to whine to or yell at.     
whew.  I can just fall right to sleep now that that's decided.

I love you so much.
Hope you sleep good.
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