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Girlsnight out!!

This going to be a quick post, I am preparing for my trip to Madrid this Thursday (yay) and I need to pack (don't know what to take) and I want everything as easy as can be for the boys when I am gone!!! So her is the latest challenge over at Fave Things!! This time we want so see your fave pastime, how fun is that!!! Hard to choose cause there are so many rthings I like to do and so many people I love to spend my time with!!! But I must say that going out with my friends is one of the best!! I love to go out and leave everything behind me for just one evening, it uploads my battery and feel great again!!!
On the photo you see Marleen (my sweetest frien ever) Nathalie (she is Jamy's mom) and me having a great time!!!!!

And here is another one I made for this challenge!! I totally misread the challenge I thought it was fave pasttime istead of pastime!! When I wanted to upload my lo I didn't underdstand what the other girls made until I read the challenge again!! I really should wear my glasses more often!!! Anyway here is my fave pasttime!!!
When we were little we always spend our summervacations with fam in Haamstede we had a great time together! I am the girl at the right, the girl at the left is my niece Petra!!!Check the blog for more details, the fab work the other dt-girls made and while you're there check out the amazing prize (you won't regret it) here here here!!!

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