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Fillng those shoes !

Cameron, Spencer, Nathan, Ryan

Cameron, Spencer

Spencer, Nathan
(I tried to get a side by side of Nate and Ryan...neither would cooperate :)

This goes for clothing too.    Nathan seems to be growing into his brothers hand-me-downs a year early.  
Cameron is bigger than Spencer (was the smaller twin at birth) but we've managed to keep them in the same size clothes.   Clothes differ depending on where you buy them and the style....Cam just wore the bigger styles.  Shoes we've had to mark with their initials when we had 2 pair that were the same.     When Cam grew out of his shoes...they went to Spencer.
Now unfortunately.....they beat them up too much to pass down.

Nathan (who was the smaller twin at birth) is 2 years behind in age but in clothes and now in shoes he is only a year behind.     Big kid.

Shoe sizes,  Spencer 10 1/2 - Cameron 12 1/2 - Nathan 10 - Ryan 8
Weird that they are both 2 sizes smaller in each set exactly.  What's more, Spencer and Nathan are the 2 that look alike and Cam and Ry guy look more alike.   So even if they would have been born with the brother that looked alike their feet would still differ by 2 sizes.
Just something that makes me go hmmm.
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