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After 5 !

After 5 I know that I can now cup my hand to catch vomit without gagging or vomiting myself.

After 5 I am now able to use my fingers and hands to wipe food products that have come from the stomach and or intestinal tracks of my children and have made it's way to my floor, out of the steam cleaner when trying to clean it out after cleaning up the floors.

After 5 I know that having 4 down means only 1 to go.

After 5  I know that J will not be leaving work to come and save me but will be en route to her Aunts funeral in another state with her mother.

After 5  I will only have 2 hours to get homework done, wipe faces off, break up fights and meet anyone else's requests before we read books and go to sleep.

After 5 I know that I can love 6 other people equally and with all of my heart

After 5 I have had the pleasure to realize that no one person is the same.   That not all rules apply to every child.   And that these 5 children live under my roof.

After 5 I know that having 5 brings more crazy, more tears but also more playmates, more laughter and much more love.

After 5 I know that I wouldn't want anything less.
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