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Blog Readers

Ok, I've noticed that life in blog land has become almost non existent.    What I've recently realized though is that it's been SINCE my bloglines shut down was purchased again and then lost all of my feeds.
1/2 of the ones that are in there don't read new blog postings and I've lost a TON of blogs that I just can't find anymore.   
I came upon a blog I love and just thought that she, like everyone else, had stopped blogging, only to find that she's been blogging like crazy.

If I used to comment on your blog and haven't, please leave you blog address.
If you think I should read your blog, and I may be...just lurking I have a ton that I just read, please leave your blog address.

Bloglines sucks.
Any other good blog readers that are simple read, not read, mark all as read ?  Let me know.   Is there a blog reader that will tell you when private blogs post ?   Is there such a thing ?  I hate checking on those privates all of the time to see if they've posted ?  No offense privates.

Thanks !
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