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All before 9am

Spencer came in at 6am asking me to roll his tummy.
After showering (yes I showered before 7:30am) Spencer came in crying that I didn't roll his tummy again and now he felt like he was going to throw up.   He walked over to my toilet and proceeded to throw up.
Sydney cried for 37 minutes that she didn't want to go to school.    She said that she was sick and was afraid that she'd get the feeling to throw up at school.   
I didn't believe her, or I didn't want to believe her so I forced her into clothes gave her some Motrin and sent her to school with the promise that if she was still sick, I'd pick her up.
Spencer had diarrhea.
Nathan opened the closed childproof bottle of Motrin and drank nearly 1/2 bottle.
Did you know, according to poison control, a child weighing 33lbs can drink 1/2 bottle of ibuprofen without being hurt ?   Me neither.  hmm ?
Spencer's fine.   Nathan's fine.   Waiting to see if Syd is in fact fine.

Syd's home.  Of course she is.   She was given the option to come home.
She's fine.
Nathan climbed over the gate to the kitchen.  He announced, "ta da, I'm in"
I'm not fine.  I haven't stopped crying.
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