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Ultrasound guided Biopsy Tomorrow

I need to be there tomorrow at 10:10. They told me to bring the disc with the ultrasound and wear comfortable clothes. The nurse asked if I had taken Motrin or IB.profin within the past three days and I haven't luckily. No blood thinners or too much vitamin E was it? I haven't taken anything. Which is actually not good. I need to remember to take my vitamins. I've been bad at remembering that for some reason. I can only take Tylenol for the next couple of days and I am not allowed to pick anything up including Carly for two days after the biopsy. That's going to be so challenging. She's going to be SO mad. I'm going to go visit my bffs Thursday and Tina will put Carly in the car and my bffs will take her out on the other end and help me with her while Tina is at work. Friday Tina will work from home and lift Carly for me when needed. Tina will also have to get up with me in the middle of the night if Carly wakes up, which she usually does a few times for some cuddles and water. The actual procedure will be given with a local anesthetic. Its wild that if the tumor is benign they just leave it there. It feels exactly like a marble, which grosses me out. I don't like feeling it, so I've only felt it three times.

On a more exciting brighter topic, Carly said Back Pack a bunch of times when watching Dora the E.xplorer today. She's said it before, but today was super clear. I video taped it with my phone. My good camera was in the car, but you can get the idea how cute she sounds. Then she was covering Spencer's head with her blanket. It was so funny. He ended up getting away from her and then she chased him down and put the blanket over his face again. In the end, Spencer thought she wanted to play tug of war. SO CUTE! Carly is growing up so fast!!!

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