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They said, what ?

I was putting Nathan and Ryan in the tub.   We usually ask them if they want to go potty and then stand them up to the toilet after we get them undressed.   They always want to and will usually stand for a few seconds before saying, "ah don" (all done) and then we put them in the tub.  
Last night was no exception.    I stood Nathan up to the potty.  He put a pincer grasp on his penis and stood for a moment thrusting his hips forward a little towards the toilet.  (he surprisingly has a pretty good grasp on what he's doing...and I don't mean on his penis :) After a second he looks at me with concern and states, "ah broken"   Apparently his penis didn't get the message that when you stand in front of the toilet...the pee should automatically come out :)

This is the same kid who walks through the house yelling, "MOM ! whe ah you?" (where are you)  and while looking right at me will scream "MOM!" over and over until I acknowlege him and respond with "what Nathan"

Grandma and Aunt Jo came over to have dinner and play cards the other night.    We got out some licorice as a treat.   While we weren't watching, but saw out of that third eye in the back of our heads, Nathan took down the box and Mommy J asked, "Nathan, whatcha doin ?"   to which he replied, "nothin"
We all turned around and laughed as he shoved a piece in his cheeks I asked, "Nathan did you get the licorice ?"  He of course said, "no"  
Lying already.  :)

Ryan continues to say, "excuse you" when he hiccups, burps or toots.   He also identified and announced, "gabba gabba gabba" when Yo Gabba Gabba came on the TV.   Which is crazy because he doesn't  won't watch TV if it's on and when it is on, which isn't very often, Yo Gabba Gabba is normally not the show that the older kids watch.

Ryan will yell, "BUG" when spotting any kind of crawling thing, or rolled up rubber band or dark colored lint he sees on the ground.   He then softly and gently presses down on whatever 6-8 legged thing who has decided to escape and carefully and cautiously slides the guts out on to the concrete, floor or the palm of his hand.
It's hard for me to watch.     I might make a short film titled, "Death of an Insect"   I'd have lots of footage to choose from.

Both babies are still really good at "peez" (please) and "tanchoo" (thank you) but sometimes get confused and say "ah weh cum" (your welcome) when they mean to say please.   They NEVER get "sah-ee" (sorry) confused and will even say it to the one that hit them.  :)   so I suppose there is still some confusion.
Such tough guys. They push and hit each other and their older siblings.  but cry like they'd been punched if someone takes the shoes that they had been trying to put on.  not excluding my big tall high heel black boots.  They'll walk around, defeated, crying, "shoes, shoes, shoes"

They continue to get naked from the waste down and giggle and laugh grabbing their penis' whilst running through the house.   
We've tried taping their diapers on.  putting the tape on so that it ends in the back....which just makes it a perfect game for the other twin to then peel and unwind his brother. Allowing the now tape free one to once again remove the nearly torn to shreds diaper that's been put on, torn off and repeated about 17 times.   
If left diaperless....they'll take the opportunity to go to the bathroom on the floor and then grab the lifeless diaper and will bring it to me saying, "uh oh, dipoo" (diaper)  OOOOH, NOW you want it on.   

They play hide and seek with each other.   Covering their eyes and counting, "thee, thee, thee" and then run down the hall after the other one who never had a chance to hide.  And even if given the chance will most likely stand against a wall or jump on the couch and bury their face.    I'm not sure at what age the, if I can't see you, you surely can't see me, thing ends. 
They love this game and giggle and laugh chasing each other back and forth down the hall.  Until of course someone slams the other one in the back thrusting him forward dropping him to the floor.   Nathan will run to tell me, "uh oh Yi-yan ky" (uh oh, Ryan Cry)  not so much taking responsibility for the injury...but letting me know for sure.
The games always end when "someone gets hurt"  and by the crying in this house.....someone is ALWAYS hurt. :)
They do stick up for each other standing over the hurt one and screaming "NO !" very loudly at the offender (one of the older 3).   And then will stroke the head of the fallen one asking, "ah ok ?"   It's very sweet.

Thanks for making me smile baby boys.  Though it's through tears a lot of days, you still bring joy to my life.
Love mom.
Clearly this shirt was made for me.   I'll take 4 !
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