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Juuuuust made it Movie Monday

Once again....I come to you with barely anything.    I would like to add however that I have a list of my gayest of movies on the side of my blog for those of you interested.  and for those of you who are not interested at all.
I tried to rate them, but really, it's so I cannot and will not be held accountable for any lustless and mood breaking nights that may result in your renting based on my star rating alone.  

Sign here _________  and here _________ and here ______________

oh and here______________

note....advice needed, for those not interested in any of my ratings of movies please skip past movies, read and respond.   I could really use your experience and knowledge.  

If you've followed any of my movie monday posts it will be of no surprise to you that I find the Twilight movies to be kinda lame.    Eclipse didn't change my mind....however it WAS much better than 2.
I guess I just get sick of the, I want to change, no, no, I can't possibly make you one of us, please, it's what I want, no, no, I can't possibly make you one of us, I love you, I love you too, don't become one of them bella, I've made up my mind, you love me, no I don't, yes you do, no I don't, yes you do, no I don't, change me, no, no, I can't possibly make you one of us, please, it's what I want, no, no, I can't possibly....OH fuck get what I'm saying.    And now I've TOTALLY and completely given away the movie plot.  SHIT !
I'm sorry.

My opinion - if you saw the second one and liked it....FOR SURE go see this one.  aaaaand if you're like me and hoping and praying that one time....just one fucking time there will be a sex scene in it so you keep going back....well then, see it.  (yes, the sex scenes help, even when the dialog is monotonous)

Hanna Free
Sharon Gless was in it.    And she was gay.    I love me some Cagney and Lacey so I thought this was going to be a winner for sure....and the sad thing had SOOO much potential.
Ok, so Cagney err I mean Sharon is this elderly woman, handicapped and living in a retirement care center.
Her girlfriend of pretty much her whole life is on another floor in a coma.    She wants to see her again and say goodbye before she dies however they won't let her see her because she's not family and the woman's daughter who knows the relationship was more than friends but doesn't accept it won't ok her to go see her either.
Any ways....a young girl comes and helps her and the ending is kind of wrong and then it was over.

My opinion- it had so much potential. 

She likes Girls 3
There's a twilight spin off.   There's also a story about top and bottom that was pretty funny.

My opinion - Not anything to write a blog post about.

Itty Bitty Titty Committy-
A submisive girl who just lost her girlfriend who comes from a great and very accepting family meets this woman who constantly cheats on her partner and then cheats with her and then the submissive girl turns in to Sandy at the end of Grease only she's a bigger bitch and really smokes.

My opinion - Didn't like it.  The wife says it was alright.  

screeeeeeeeeeeecchhh ! STOP !
This is where I need you to really read and help a sista out.

1- We are planning a trip to the vineyards of California.  ** NO KIDS **   I repeat ** NO KIDS **
We have always wanted to do the wine tasting tours and learn and buy and drink.   Mostly drink.  but I need your help on planning it.   Is it better to do an actual wine tasting guided tour or to just go to the wineries ourselves and pay the individual wine tasting fee ?   Is there one you would recommend if the guided tour is the better choice ?

2- Has anyone used wild yam creams to help with progesterone levels ?
Since quitting the ring I'm back where I started with the PMDD.  only now it's 112 degrees outside, my kids are out of school and at home ALL OF THE FUCKING TIME,  and as many times as I've googled it I can't seem to find a sight that knows how to remove duct tape from a childs sensitive skin without causing noticeable damage.  sooooo, I thought I'd try something all natural to see if it has any effects on my PMDD.    (sigh)
If you can help me with even the tiniest bit of knowledge, I would appreciate it.   My family would appreciate it.  
If you know of something else that will help me overcome the ability to act like a snatchy little 6 year old when challenged as well, please leave it in my comments.   I've already tried, growing up, breathing, counting to 10 and walking away.    None of them seem to stop it.

It seems my crazy and someone is always screaming life isn't the reason that I turn in to a crazy is always just a fleeting thought about duct taping them to a wall weeks 1-3, but that week 3....whoooo seems to take on a "desire" of it's own.  (queue music : Pat Benatar's Hell is For Children song.....take time to really listen to the words.....absorb it's implications.....realize it's seriousness......feeling the need to save the save our dear blogger save her wife, after all it is her birthday this week.   on week 3.  OF ALL WEEKS.  decide to leave a comment about how wild yam cream is the solution to all that ails you.  and will also stop the screaming inside and outside of my head...say it.....even if it's not true damn it...just humor me)

Thank you !

Taking my own advice to just chill the fuck out ! (now that advice has been taken, don't bother leaving it in my comments)
It worked at the time, but didn't seem to carry over nearly long enough.
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