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What a perfect day! Sunday we started the day off at our favorite restaurant and had brunch with our best friends! The food was incredible and so was the weather. Carly and C were completely content with each other and the new dvd player! Their favorite part was running around the fountain, too cute! Then we went home and C took a nap in Carly's crib. We have it set up very similar to C, so she felt right at home and took a two hour nap. Carly slept in the pack n play in our room. She wasn't very happy about it, but fell asleep. Then we went to the pool and had so much fun. Tina was the photographer and the cook. Such a sweet heart. I couldn't talk her into getting in the pool though. It was so CUTE to watch Carly and C swim together. They had a total blast.
Tina went with me to my consult appointment today. The doctor is so awesome. I know I'm in very good hands and feel very blessed. She told us that all cancerous tumors are solid, but not all solid tumors are cancerous. She said mine is shaped a little different because it is so round, but she still thinks it looks like a benign tumor. She also said that she's seen uncommon things happen too, so she can't say for certain until we get the biopsy results. She said if its benign that's all we have to do but if its more- then we'll deal with it. She's awesome.
Tina and I had a 60 minute massage after the appointment. It was wonderful, although my boobs are still really sore and hurt when the massage therapist pushed on my back. My boobs are almost their preCarly size. They look TINY!
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