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Spring has sprung

Tulips always mean spring to me - we cannot grow them in Florida so I always make a point to buy a bunch at the grocery store every year. I love their bright, happy colors!
I saw a wonderful nest pendant necklace on a blog (I am so sorry I cannot remember which blog and I could not find it again so thank you for the inspiration whoever you are) and decided to make my own. The one I saw had pale blue beads for eggs but I decided to use some funky beads for eggs.

I then found some nest pendants on etsy but most were circled wire with tie offs - I wanted mine to be very random-looking like a real bird's nest.
Today the weather is beautiful and it is WARM!!!! I went to see Alice in Wonderland and it is truly "wonderful". As always, Johnny Depp is brilliant!
I have finished several aprons and will be listing them this week on etsy. I will add a link here. I have also finished quite a few layouts for projects and will be posting them this week here and Tues on the Gal Blog and Wed on The Sampler. 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.
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