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My fave drink, well one of my faves to be honest!!!!

In a flash the weekend is over and it is Monday again!!!
We had a nice weekend, Saturday Finn had a soccergame and won, we could pick up the new curtains for our bedroom and guess what they look amazing but they are to long (The girl at the store made mistake and we didn't notice that cause we took the boys with us, wich was a big mistake, and we signed the receid so now I have to crop them myself and I HATE that!!!!
Anyway after we found out they are to short we had to take the boys to get a new haircut and they look so handsome again!!!!
And yesterday hubby had a soccermatch to coach so I did some scrapping and the boys played with their Lego's and played a game on the computer!! My parents in law came to diner and that was the weekend again!!!
Speaking of scrapping, I have such a hard time scrapping at the moment when I look at my pages I have the feeling they are missing something they are just not completed, you know what I mean??
So I ordered this book that Jocelyn told about on her blog, The scrapbook embellishment book and I love it, so hopefully it will inspire me to spice things up a little!!
And if you have some tips, please share them with me!!!

Here is a fun challenge for you!!!!! Over at These are A Few, we have a new challenge for you and it is fun as ever!!!!
We want to know your fave beverage!!
And I have a few faves, I love a good cup of coffee, a nice glass of wine and in summertime I love rosébeer!!!! But there is one drink I start the day with and that is a nice cup of tea!!! And i love wintertea (I even drink it in the summer)!!!
And see what I mean, I did the handwriting first with pencil and than with a marker it looked good with the pencil but with the marker it's just not as nice as I thought!!!!
Enough about that now, be shure to check the blog cause the Fave Girls did a great job again and you can see the nice prize that might be for you!!!????

And just wanted to share this one with you!!! Last week after we celebrated his B-day Finn was so tired that I kept him home from school for a day and we did some scrapping together and look what he made, he did that all by himself isn't it CUTE!!!! The title says Super friends!!!!

That's it for today, hope you can find the time to join us at Thes Are A Few!!!!!

Have a wonderfull week!!!

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