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Maybe I am crazy!!!!

Meet Lucy and Lester!

Okay.... I have edited this post because....the boys originally named the cream colored boy puppy, Lester....I did not like that name so we came up with Leo. Well the boys are refusing to call him Leo, so Lester it is.

Our new family members were able to come home today. We are so excited.

These puppies are going to be so spoiled.

Jaxon is holding Lucy.....Is that not the cutest....I am talking about Jaxons face... He loves his new puppy!

So am I crazy???

No...I am just a sucker for the cutest puppies ever and the biggest smiles on my the face of my children. Can life get any better than that. I have always wanted a dog... We have tried a couple of times but it never worked out. Jasin's mom and step-dad have beagle dogs for hunting. The kids have seen puppies come and go and they get so attached...and then very sad when they find new homes for the puppies. I am so glad we waited cause these to little puppies are so chubby and cute. Their colors are so beautiful and.... Well.....The kids named the girl puppy Lucy and I loved that name.... I can't wait to come home and say, " Luuuccccccyyyyyyy, I'm Hoooommmmmmeeeeee! Hehehehe

So there you have it, two more mouths to feed and two more messes I need to clean up but it is all worth it to see how happy the kids are. Plus it will be a good training tool for responsibility for the kids as well.

Here is something else.... I get to read Jacobs journals he writes in school... He always talks about this dog he has... I always wondered where he kept it. Hahaha. Now he can write about his real puppies!

Hope you all have a wonderful day. Hugs, Amy
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