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It's not that I feel like...HOLY SHIT !  Wasn't she 2 a few days ago ?  When did she turn six ?
In fact, it feels like it's been, well, 6 years since that little person came in to our lives.
6 full and fun and very busy years.

We have been asking Sydney what she wants for her birthday for months.   She thinks and thinks but hasn't been able to come up with ANYTHING.  Well, anything but a chocolate cake.  Like the one on Matilda.  The one that Miss. Trenchbull makes the fat kid eat in front of the whole school.   And also like the ones on Pollyanna.   The ones they make and take to the carnival.  (pictures to come.  it will be my first layered cake)

So the other night I'm laying by her in bed, talking high's and low's and putting good thoughts in to her head.
I asked her again...."what do you hope your friends get you for your birthday?"  This is also helpful for when I'm asked...what does Syd want?  I'm armed with good ideas.  
She laid there quiet and then giggled and said nervously...."I can't tell you.  I'm too embarrassed"
Well that sparked my interest.   I know she wanted a kissing boy from the tooth fairy. what next ?
"Syd, you can tell me."
I almost had her...and then she squealed and covered her face with her hands and said once more, "I can't tell you....I just can't"
So I played along, "ok.  well when you are ready to tell me (knowing she would) I'll be here."
"Oh, OK !  I want a bra."  throwing her arms over her face and hiding.   emerges quickly and adds, "and boobs, with milk in them."  
OH GOOD LORD !  I don't remember wanting boobs at this age.   I didn't get them until I had kids for hell sakes.   That's a long time for this little person to want boobs.  (if she has my genes)
I told her about when I asked my mom for my first bra.   I was going in to Jr. High.  All of my friends had them.  A lot of them needed them.   sadly I did not.     I was sick of rolling my undershirt up to look like a bra so I sat in the car....wringing my hands....on our way to Fred Meyer to buy some new school clothes....waiting for the perfect moment to ask...and then I just blurted it out.  "MomcanIhaveabra"
her response, "Why?"  I was so embarrassed and had nothing else to say.
I got one.  :)  a training bra.   with a little pink flower right in the middle.   I wore it until I was 28 :) ha ha

While in Disneyland Syd fell in love with a Jessie doll. (from toy story)  Now, Syd doesn't play with dolls.  or barbies.  or pet shops.  or anything collectable and cute that every other 6 year old girl collects and plays with.   UGH.
So she showed interest in this Jessie doll.   She had 10.00 that her grandma gave her to buy anything she wanted.   Jessie was 25.00.   After 3 days of asking for it and wondering how she could scrape up that last 15.00...we decided to buy it for her for her birthday.    And because J is her mother....she's had it since we bought it.

She hasn't left Jessie out of ANYTHING.   She sleeps with her.  Eats with her.  Takes her in the car.  LOVES Jessie.  She has talked about her like she's real for the first time.  NONE of her stuffed animals, dolls, anything have been alive.  I would say to her as she'd throw a doll in to her room carelessly, smacking it's head against her nightstand, "Careful don't want to hurt her"  Syd would say very matter of factly, "mom, she's not real.  she's a doll.  she can't feel anything" 
She's been saying this since she was old enough to talk. ha ha

I hope she has a good birthday.   I'm making her green pancakes with a candle to blow out.   We are going to grandma's to share dinner (her favorite, white spaghetti(butter and parm cheese) we'll eat ours with sauce :) and my first ever layered chocolate cake.  J's mom and sister will come too.     It's gonna be a big celebration I tell ya.  Huge.  :)

I'm not trying to rush it.  but it is so much fun to watch her grow and evolve.   I always wonder what kind of a person she will be when she's older.  
She's the sweetest little person. and I can honestly say....she is my most favorite little girl in the whole wide world.  EVER.  I love her to infinity and beyond, clear past the stars and all the planets, clear til it's not dark anymore and back.  (when she says that.  I never try and beat it. :) but I love her even more than that)
Happy Birthday Syd.  I love everybody. ;-)
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