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It's a small world after all. It's a small world after all. (repeat. repeat)

SUCH a small world.   
Let me just tell you how small.   I was able to meet with not one but 2 cyber writing friends. 
AND my cousin and an old high school friend were both in Disneyland at the same time as we were.  
Seriously.  Nothing like heading to the tram and hearing someone call your name from across the way.  Wild right ?

If I started from the beginning this post would be a mile long.  I'm going to make it as short as I can being a long winding kind of gal with a lot of pictures :)

We drove to Las Vegas and planned on staying overnight and finishing the drive the next morning.  Everyone seemed to be great so we just kept on going.    By the time we arrived at our destination we were ready to be there.   It was a long drive.  We had the same arrangement on the return and did end up stopping in St George for the night breaking up the trip.  Poor Ryan wouldn't have lasted another 5 hours.

We had plans to meet some great blogger friends Finding Chaos a couple of days later so we settled in to our 2 bedroom suite.
There had been some surgery for another blogger friend Jess and if it worked out that she was still in LA, we were going to stop in to say hi.
THEN, her wife Mere unexpectedly came in town.   yet another, unplanned surgery happened and so we made the trip to Hollywood to hook up.
First we  stopped by the LA zoo.  It rocked.   The animals are so happy and alert.  It made me wonder why they are so shy and seemingly unhappy here in Utah.  

Even the koala's were awake.  They sleep 22 hrs of the day.  What are the chances really.
Then it was off to dinner to meet Mere.   Such a nice person.   Very down to earth.  Talking to her was like catching up with an old friend.   She has 2 beautiful little girls who were back home in AR. and after dinner with my kids I think she's done having them :) ha ha

VERY funny story.
We valet parked Baverly at the restaurant.  Only because when we drove into the parking facility we noticed that she exceeded the height requirements.  hee hee.  
Now Bav's doesn't have fancy gadgetry or special features.  No lights or whistles.  
We were not about to drive her to California with 5 kids and no movies to keep them happy.  Luckily we have a DVD however straps to the head rest and Baverly doesn't have head rests.  Bench seats.
My creative and very handy wife rigged up her own entertainment system.  :) ha ha There's nothing a little pvc pipe, straps and a 2x4 can't fix.

Ok so we finish dinner and say our goodbyes to Mere and stand waiting for Bav's.  who is only a few feet away  (they couldn't fit her any where else either) and there is this woman standing near us, also waiting for her car.   The guy heads over to retrieve our van and I jokingly say, "wait, wait, there must be a mistake, we have the Jaguar with the 5 carseats."
The classy, although dressed in a nice sweatsuit lady gives me a courtesy laugh and then I hear her say out loud as Bav's pulls up..."WOW!"
I wasn't sure what shocked her more.   The sight of Baverly, the white trash entertainment system, the garbage from driving for 2 days with 7 people spilling out when the door opened, or all 5 of our kids screaming in circles around the parking garage.
We loaded up and as we clicked in I glanced over to see this same woman climbing into her convertible Bentley.
Seriously.   I don't think I've ever been grounded more than at that moment.  My reality was just that obvious.  fuh.

Now if you were to have the opportunity to spend time with someone in Disneyland.  I think a pediatrician and child therapist would be my pick.  :)   Well we had just that opportunity.
Finally meeting the Trio was great.   They are even cuter in real life. (if that's possible)  Little Miss let me carry her around the first day.  She weighed all of 7 lbs 12 oz.   However all of the talk of sticking her in my pocket and taking her home with me and changing her name to Emily must have scared her, because she didn't let me carry her around after that first day :)
Our rooms were right next to each other.   It made for a nice evening of food and wine after all of the kids were asleep.   (I'll fill you in on Carey and requires a post of it's own ;-) 

J's sister lives 20 min. from the happiest place on earth. She also has a 13, 15 and 21 yr old who live at home and LOVE babies. :) We loved that.
Thursday we dropped the babies off and spent a Magical day at Disneyland.

(our version of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil)
(I love this picture of Spencer and Mickey)

Day 2 at Disney we had all 5. 2 double strollers. It was INSANE
We didn't have a good day at Disney that day.  In fact, at several times during the day we said to each other...."let's just go, nobody is having fun."  but we didn't.  We stayed and dealt with the tantrums and fighting and tired kids and made it to the pixar parade where the kids experienced another magical moment meeting their favorite characters in real life.

At one point Sydney said, "This is the WORST experience at Disneyland, EVER."
I replied with......

Well, I'm not sure if that was exactly what I said, but looking at the pictures I can only come up with one word :)  what the hell was I doing any ways.  good lord.
Nathan watching the Pixar Parade.  He kept screaming.  he loved it.
The kids watching the Disney parade.   Did I already say magical.   It really was a lot of fun.

We went with an empty glass, blindfolded and came home broke, 5lbs heavier, with a Jessie doll, 3 Disneyland balls, 2 toy story lazer guns and some new IRL friends.  Our glass was 1/2 empty at times and 1/2 full a lot.   It was a GREAT trip.    

I have tips on booking your next trip to Disneyland.   Another day, another post.
Thanks for making it through this post.   Even if you did just look at the pictures.


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