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I got a hair.....CHOP.

So many things to do, too little time. Yesterday was a really bad hair day.... mostly because I did not sleep the night before, then woke up late....and did not have time to fix it. So last night I went to the salon and finally found a hairdresser that is not afraid to tackle my mop....

You see... Here is a secret of mine. When I was 16 I started to see signs of gray 23 it looked like I purposely highlighted my hair Gray { yep, people even asked me if I did} I always said I would not color it until the blessed day a sweet older lady is pushing her cart out of Walmart as I am pushing mine in and she is she passed she says with her glorious giggle..."you went gray early like me". Come on lady...I was 28. I am sure she remembers how it felt when she turned gray early. Or maybe that was just it...she was not thinking when she said it to me.

So after that I thought, you know, I need to live a little and I started coloring my hair....

If you have gray hair, you know...It is like horse hair. Like little wires with a mind of their own. It makes my hair very hard to manage. Not to mention the natural curl/ frizz/ whatever else my hair decides to give me when I wake up in the morning.

So what do you do....Embrace!

Hair appointment after hair appointment....good hair cut and bad hair red hair and my now dark golden brown...which by the way I color it myself out of a box. { I love the conditioner in the Loreal Preferance box dies. Just because I do not have 5 hours to sit in a salon....Is it really supposed to take that long?

So here are a few pics I took of ME. Today! My hair is shorter than I have had it in 10 years. I will need some time to get used to it. I just keep saying it will all grow out. But until then I am feeling a little sassy.

Oh man.... Look at those wrinkles around the eyes.... I must be getting old...Hahaha. The end of the month will be my 34th birthday. I have never felt old and when I turned 30 I stopped counting b-days. So hahahaha...wrinkles I laugh at you!

Have a great weekend. Hugs,Amy
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