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a few updates

Update on Mikaela's school

We had meeting last Tuesday and it went well. We are relieved where Mikaela is at now. She is doing great in school with all subjects. More likely, she will be in GAT math class this fall. Hopefully she will be interested to be in writing club as she loves to write. Will wait and see what her schedule will be like this fall as she will be in a traveling soccer team.

Right now, she is in soccer team where they will be in traveling team this fall due to ages and Mikaela is qualified for it. She is super excited about it. Practice - 2x a week, once a while scrimmage on Fridays and game on Saturday. Wow!

:( she will miss her first soccer game as we are going to NY visiting grandparents/cousins/etc... Shes ok with it :) as she wants to see her grandparents so badly.

For Kyron - we will go and register him to be in pre-k this fall on April 5th. He should be able to be in. I made an appt with specialist for Kyron - .. the next aval. is in OCTOBER! Kyron's doctor will call and work with them to make it earlier if possible.
Registered him into a soccer league. Hope he will like it here and playing soccer.

Both kids - are so exciting to do their home project - Silly Seeds from Discovery Toys. Mikaela will be doing journal - putting down what she sees etc... Kyron will be drawing a little help from Mikaela. He wants to taking pictures if anything changes - not bad idea!
We are trying to do this evening to start the first project :) We will add pictures when they work on their projects.

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