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Down the rabbit hole

I went to see Alice in Wonderland on Sunday - although there were a few parts that were a little tedious, overall I loved it. I have the original Disney cartoon version on DVD so I had watched that again this past week to get in the spirit. I found it interesting how Tim Burton integrated other things (like the Jabberwocky) into the story - I will admit I was totally mesmerized when Johnny Depp started reciting the Jabberwocky - I had a college professor (my degrees are in English Literature) who could do it brilliantly, and Depp was certainly as good. I can picture Depp doing Shakespeare  - remember Michael Keaton in Much Ado About Nothing!
I began by tearing out the rabbit hole from a piece of watercolor paper. Then I applied a thick coat of gesso with a palette knife and sculpted it to create the tree. While it was still wet (it actually took overnight to dry), I sprayed it with glimmer mist - suede, coffee shop, chocolate cherry, and black gold. I sprayed the rest of the background with green, blue and  peach; and then used some lime paint dabber to add more contrast.
I tore papers and created the hole (edges are inked and/or sprayed to create more depth). I cut the little Alice from a black and white drawing and colored her with pencils (wait until I get my copics!!!).
I then created my garden with a Prima spray and some vintage flowers and leaves. I added the dragonfly (didn't you love the dragonflies in the movie - I had always loved the little horse flies in the cartoon.)
I had 10 things to do last night and instead of doing them, I created this. Oh well.......
I am off to work today at the book store and then run some errands. I should have some items listed on etsy by Thursday - we are going to have company this weekend so I have to put away my craft stuff for a few days as they will be sleeping in my studio so I have to get a lot done in the next couple of days. 
I have a post on the today - please check it out.
thanks for reading and ttfn,
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