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Carly says Bye Bye!

I just spent two hours to get Carly to go to sleep in her crib. Ever since our Arizona trip she wanted NOTHING to do with it and I was too tired to try to wear her down. Tonight for some reason I decided to go for it. Tina's such a softy when it comes to Carly, which melts my heart. She always says, "Just let her sleep with us!" I know that if we are consistent with putting Carly into her crib, she will feel comfortable there.

So, the last couple of days when I've said goodbye Carly not only waves, but she also says "BBBBAEEEEYE!" It caught me so off guard! I was like, "DID SHE JUST SAY BYE?" Then AGAIN tonight when going up to take a shower. I said, "SAY BYE BYE!!" and she not only said, "BYE" she said, "BYE-BYE! She sounds a little like a deaf girl when saying it, which makes me love her EVEN MORE! SOOOO CUUUUTE! "BAAEEYE"

Yesterday I ran into my friend from work and she inspired me to by Corn Beef and Cabbage for St Patrick's Day but it ended up being SO gross. It was SOOOOOOOOO salty. I don't know if we messed something up, but I couldn't eat any of it, which isn't like me. I'm not picky.

What else...oh, my mom bought Carly some cute new outfits and a new pair of pajamas. Carly can wear 24 months now. Its a little loose, but she'll grow into them. Her 18 months fit perfectly, but they aren't going to last. She can squeeze into 12 months, but they are really too small at this point.

I love OUR family. I can stop thinking that we have 7 more embryos, which are Carly's sisters and brothers. I think we're going to definitely do this again in a couple of years. With all the exhaustion, work, fat and hormonal imbalance that comes a long with pregnancy, none of it compares to the LOVE that this sweet bundle of joy brings you. THIS IS what life is about. Now I understand.
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