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Faith Sisters....Childhood homes.

Here is my layout for the latest challenge for My Lifetime Story Faith Sisters.
There is only one childhood home that comes to mind that I really remember happy moments and that is my home away from home....My grandparents house. I have a copy of a letter I wrote my grandmother begging for her to ask my mom if I could stay just one more night... My grandma always had some project going on... She was always sewing something and I loved to sit at her feet and steal all her scraps. We had the best dressed barbies in town. I have a recipe for the best buttermilk pancakes...You could smell them a mile away. It was the best thing to wake up to on Saturday morning....I will have to find my recipe and share it with you....

My journaling reads..." Yellow house on Aliso St. I will never forget you. The sound of grandma whistling like a bird. Grandpa and I swinging on the green porch swing watching the people go by. The yummy smell of a home cooked Sunday dinner. The beautiful garden grandma worked so hard at... the fresh strawberries were my favorite. You were always my home away from home."

Good times....Good times.... Join in the challenge and get creative with your lifetime story!
Hugs, Amy
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